Gear Rolling Tester
Model : DF-10 Series[Double Flank]

【Windows 7(Seven), XP Compatible, Data Processing software, Model:NiTM-DF10/TMX-1 Ver.2.1.2 & 3.0.0.】
Under Code of inspection practice - ISO TR 10064–2:1996(E)

Fine pitch & Hi-precision plastic &
From Module 0.1 up to module: 1.6 (DP254 to 16)
Gear diameter : φ1.5mm ~ φ150mm <Option :φ150 - 250mm>
Features of New DF-10 Series : DF-10/SR DF-10/TR & DF-10/AX
For measuring Spur & Helical, and also Worm, Internal,
Bevel, rack gears By additional mechanical units and software
‘Test radius’ measurement is sophisticated features and
more comfortable operation also for larger gears
Master gear is rotated with variable speed controlled with DC motor
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese

Gear Rolling Tester

DF-10/ SR <Single-Roller Drive>
Master gear – Outside drive

DF-10/ TR <Twin-Roller Drive>
Master gear – Outside dive

DF-10/ AX <Axial-shaft Drive>
Master gear – Axial rotation

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Movie for DF-10/SR operation

※MG=Master Gear

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Peripheral equipment
Interface unit
Amplifier unit Measuring sensor
Interface unit
Amplifier unit Measuring sensor
R.P.M controller Remote control unit
R.P.M controller Remote control unit