Gear Rolling Tester Model Specification / Regulation

Model : DF-10 Series[Double Flank]

【Windows 7(Seven) XP Compatible, Data Processing software, Model:NiTM-DF10/TMX-1 Ver.2.1.2 & 3.0.0.】
Under Code of inspection practice - ISO TR 10064–2:1996(E)

  • Compact and rigid DC motor is used for Master gear rotation variable speed is controlled through DC electric supply unit
  • Helical gear is measured with Spur-master gear by using “Angle adjustable support tooling
  • Optional measuring unit is equipped on each base unit for measuring Worm, internal, bevel, etc.
  • “Test radius” is measured easily at simple operation so accurately with ‘micro digital scale and special data processing software
  • Eccentricity of gear is measured and off-set figure is also calculated with angle and X-Y position
  • English, Chinese, and Japanese version is selected and changed as option.

Application to 8 standards of composite deviations :
〇 ISO 1328 – 2(1997)
〇 GB/T 10095.2-2001
〇 AGMA 2000 – A88(Module)
〇 AGMA 2000 – A88(DP)
〇 DIN 58405 (m<1.0)
〇 DIN 3963 (1.0≦m)
〇 JIS B1702 – 2 (1998)
〇 JGMA 116 – 02(1983) 〇 JGMA 116 – 01(1960)

  DF-10/ AX DF-10/ SR DF-10/ TR

・Total radial composite deviation (Fi”)・Tooth-to-tooth radial composite deviation (fi”)・Runout by composite test (Fr”)
・Test radius – Option・Eccentricity offset value – Option
Module (DP) Module 0.1 ~m1.6 (DP254~16)
Gear Diameter Min. Φ1.5 ~ Max.Φ150mm (Option:Φ150 - 250mm)
Gear weight Max. 50N (5kg)
Measuring force 0 ~ 40N (0 ~ 400g) option: up-to 9N
Measuring speed 0 ~ 12 r.p.m
Dimension( Base unit) 450(L) x 200(W) x 200(H) 400(L) X 200(W) X 200(H) 400(L) X 200(W) X 230(H)
Weight(Base unit) 24Kg 25Kg 26Kg
Material of Base plate Granite Granite Granite
Master gear rotation Axial drive Single-roller drive Twin-roller drive
Gear types Spur and helical gear
Special measuring units and tooling are equipped as option for worm, internal, bevel, rack gears, etc. as option
Languages English、Chinese, Japanese (One of them is standard and the other is option)


 Gear Rolling Tester Model: DF-10/SR < Single roller drive >


Basic standard Model
Vertical position of Master gear :
( ±7mm)






Gear Rolling Tester Model: DF-10/TR < Twin- Roller Drive >


From 0.1 module to larger gears – widest range and functions
Vertical position of Master gear :
( +13mm -10mm )






Gear Rolling Tester Model: DF-10/AX <Axial Drive >


Especially for fine pitch and up to larger gears
Vertical position of Master gear :
( ±7mm)






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